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Protect Your Hair “Fabric"



Are you tired of going to your stylist with dry, damaged or split ends? Or maybe you’re not sure how to prevent those outcomes? Well, here’s your guide:


  • Protect your fabric from the elements after you’ve seen your stylist. Think of your hair as fabric, and all the strands of your hair weaving together to form a smooth, shiny pattern. Your hair is like cotton: it absorbs water and products; it stretches, bends and is soft flexible when adding warm heat. When you protect your fabric, you won’t have to see your stylist more often than you should.


How to Protect Your Fabric:

  • Before bed: Apply a natural, light leave-in spray or cream to your ends. This is for all types, but if your hair is thick and long, and tends to dry out, use conditioner on your ends, and braid or twist hair into a bun. This will further retain the hair’s moisture.


Why do this? Cotton is an absorbent fiber just like your hair! Cotton pillowcases are the thieves in the night. If you use a cotton pillowcase, your hair will be rubbing on it for 6-8 hours every night, over and over. This rubbing action will pull your cuticle open, and steal all of your natural oils and your conditioner. By adding the leave-in protection at night, you’ll be saving both your cuticle, and moisture level, from being depleted. Wrapping hair into a bun or braid to sleep also gives you instant style when you wake without having to wash and shape the hair.


  • To avoid having to put protection on your ends at night find a silk or satin pillowcase. Silk and satin aren’t as absorbent and rough as cotton, and will neither open up the cuticle, nor absorb hair’s moisture. Or add a silk scarf over your hair while you sleep…yep, I know, Sexy:)




Washing Guide = Healthier Hair

(for those who use shampoo & conditioner)


Daily Rituals:

  • Always use leave in conditioners apply through out the ends. If you want to protect you ends from splitting ends, breaking and/or dryness. If you’re the type that is concerned with it being too heavy: spray leave in into your fingertips and apply only to the ends. PROTECT+ PROTECT= Less trips to the hairdresser and the style will keep longer until you see your stylist.


Weekly Rituals:

  • Every third washing should be a treatment conditioner that is more serous about loving each strand. Repair for moisture and structure. 


  • Dry on the ends = treatment only on the part that need it the most. Putting a treatment on health hair will do nothing but add weigh. You will blame it on the treatment for weighing you hair down when really you added to the wrong place. So keep to area that needs it. At least do this every Sunday (Once a week) again loving your and your hair will love you back. Respect your hair. 10-15 minutes. 


Better treatment technique:

  • Take a small hand towel into the shower and after rinsing your shampoo out us the towel to blot the excess water out of the hair.

Why: The water dilutes the conditioner and the water has filled up the hair shaft like a sponge. Removing the water will let the conditioner into the cuticle and lets it get a deeper treatment. Use a wide tooth comb to help even out and pull the product through evenly! 


Monthly Rituals:

  • Everyday protection on damp hair, at least “4” times once a week 10-15min conditioning/color treatments. It is only a treatment if is says on the back of the label “Leave in for 10 to 15 minutes.



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