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Make Your Salon Online Appointments:Here

Dayna Cakebread


Private Salon  location: 4105 NE 18th Ave PDX, OR USA

#503-421-9354 (include your name in your text) 

NEW: ONLINE- Link for Tools Needs


                3 questions & Collection of Your Inspirations

3 To Be Me Concept

3 To Be Me consultation begins with 3 questions. These questions will help you and Dayna decide on the perfect style and color to match your personality, your features and your lifestyle.


1. What are your past experiences? Things that have worked and haven't.

2. What are your limitations in length? Ends, interior and fringe (bangs)?

3. Choose 3 adjectives that best describe how you want to look and feel?                                     Example: Playful, Sexy, with a Classy feel!*

*Bring in photo's that best describe your adjectives. I bet your idea of what is Playful, Sexy and Classy is different than my idea. Also bring in all of your styling tools and brushes "Cleaned" so I can help with your home care. Check out Pinterest or google images for hair styling ideas.



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