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Hair Myths

Inquiring minds want to know

Hair Loss

It's the worst feeling to worry about your hair falling out. Find out if it's normal or if it's time to call the doctor.

Home Hair Color

When is it a good idea to do your own color? Find out what kind of things can happen.

Stop your Frizzy Hair

Sometimes you need a little help to kick that frizz and get back to smooth shiny hair. Are you ready for smooth hair?

Oily Hair??

Are you tired of having oily scalp or wanting to not have to shampoo everyday? Well check out this video to find out about the 3 Causes and 3 Solutions.

Pull or Not to Pull?

Find out if Pulling your gray hairs is bad for you or not. This video talks about if you should pull or not, color the grays and what are your options.

100 Strokes a Day

In this video I'll share with you the history and more. Will your hair be shinier or healthier?

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