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Classes: For Every Women

Would you like to master your hair at home? Start feeling more like you today! Let's Zoom/FaceTime: Check out service pricing per half-hour and hourly 

I am here to help you master your hair in the comfort of your own home through video technology connections. I want to give you the support your mother wished she knew about for your hair, your beauty, and more. These classes are "Life Skills," and your hair will forever be changed. 

Video Chat one on one. If you would like to set up a private class please email me for prices:

Before we video: Click on the Survey and let's get started! Tell me a little bit about your hair so I can create a more personalized class.

Are You Feeling like...


  • Need advice about what to do with your hair/image to match your facial features?

  • Problem-solving of what's causing hair problems and issues?

  • Need coaching on how to create a style at home?

  • Need a coach for how to use your styling tools at home?

  • Want advice on how to cut your kid's hair at home?

  • Want me to find a stylist for you in your city?

  • Looking for a routine for getting your hair back to health?

Make sure to check out the styling tips and guides to your beauty today. Life is too short to not feel and look your best. Prices can be found  under Online Booking at  Services & Prices


Here's to The Power of Hair. You deserve to feel beautiful inside and out.

Your Online Stylist,


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