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My Bio: Dayna Cakebread


My career includes experience not just as a stylist, but also as an educator, a speaker and a salon owner.


In 1992 I graduated from Horst Educational Center in Minneapolis (now known as The Aveda Institute). In the first 6 weeks of my education I won the all-school student competition for total look. What a thrill... I knew I had found my calling!


After graduation I moved to Portland, Oregon and joined the Aveda Concept Salons from 1993 - 2000. Here I created assistant programs and served as Educational Director.


In 1998 I began leasing my chair as an independent contractor. This is when I started taking assistants to teach my personal concept educational program. In 2002 I started my first salon:  Belle Epoque Salon. This quickly became an educational studio, preparing new stylists for the challenges of a hairstyling career. 


In 2005 I upgraded my salon space to provide full service with my 3 To Be Me brand and a large staff. This salon was the first in North America to achieve a Zero Impact Salon recognition from the Davines hair product line of Italy. In 2008, Belle Epoque Salon won the City of Portland award for Best Sustainable Business (small business category). 


In 2010 I moved on from salon ownership in order to focus more attention on my efforts as an online educator. I have expanded my web presence and my public speaking engagements. 


It is my goal to take my personal concept education to a global level, giving the world a new approach to beauty from the inside out!


My Education:


  • Aveda:1991-2000 Mpls, Congress 

  • Antoinette Beenders 1995 "haircutting trends" Mpls, Mn

  • David Adams London  "color master" 1998

  • David Adams London "train the trainer" 2000

  • Oscar Bond 1996 "portfolio trends" New York

  • Vidal Sassoon 1997 San Francisco 

  • Yosh San Francisco 2001

  • Built 3 To Be Me education system 2002

  • Goldwell 2002 LA 

  • Opened Belle Epoque Salon training program with 3 To Be Me 2005

  • Davines 2006 Florance Italy

  • Davines 2007 Barcelona Italy

  • Davines 2008 Amsterdam 

  • Davines 2009 Venice Italy

  • Closed Belle Epoque 2010

  • Davines 2012 Miami USA

  • Davines 2013 Seattle Angelo Seminaro

  • Online business Course Marie Forleo 2013

  • Davines 2013 Paris

  • Kevin Murphy  2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Portland, Seattle

  • Pecha Kucha "Our Beauty Connection" Creative Director and Speaker / MC 2013

  • Guest Panel Speaker at NAHA Beacon 2013, 2014

  • NW Stylist Awards Nominee Best Colorist of the Year 2014 Seattle

  • NW Stylist Awards Nominee Best Avant Garde stylist 2014 Seattle

  • Joined as North American Coordinator for Artecorte in Havana, Cuba 2017

  • NW stylist Award for Heart and Hand Award 2017 Seattle

  • Created Scissors of Cuba to collect scissors for Artecorte Project in Havana, Cuba

  • Partner teaching at Artecorte Beauty School Havana, Cuba 2015-present

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