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In this video you’ll learn about flat irons, my three rules when flat ironing your hair, and general tips for using this tool.

​Prepare your cuticle before flat ironing:​

  • Apply lightly from mids to ends in sections: Invisible Styling Cream by Davines for all types. This is a weightless cream that will protect from heat after your hair is 100% dry.

​Flat Ironing: My 3 Rules​

  1. Alway flat iron on 100% dry hair.

  2. Never flat iron without some kind of protection. Use leave-in protection like Invisible Styling Cream by Davines

  3. The iron’s temperature should be between 250 degree for fine hair, and no higher than 350 for thick hair, for protection. For those who have iron dials from 1-10, middle is the best setting.

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