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A Bit About Me:  Dayna Cakebread

After 20 years of teaching my clients in the salon to master their image at home, I knew it was time to expand and share my hair-coaching techniques with every woman and teen who want to feel more like themselves from the inside out.

As a young girl I knew what "the power of hair" could do and the empowerment it gave me to feel confident in my world. I realised early that every client is unique and wants to feel confident through their own journey. My success grew when I discovered and perfected the 3 To Be Me approach to a new way to create beauty, from the inside out. That is what motivates me. I’m giving you the tools you need to realize how much you can do for yourself. Now, through this website, my social media pages, and online tutorials, I can share my expertise with women all over the world.

The Power of Hair gives you a basic understanding of your hair, and the tools you use to style it. My promise is that my styling and care how-tos will empower you to replicate fresh-from-the-salon hair at home, and appreciate your own unique brand of beautiful. But more than that, I hope that the Power of Hair inspires you to feel your confident best.



Dayna Cakebread

Creator of  3 To Be Me Consultation

What are Your 3 adjectives describing how you want to look and feel?

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